Before Care

  • remove eye make-up prior to your arrival at the appointment time. Do not involve in any vigorous activities that will make your lashes wet 1 hour before your appointment time as this may lead to a weak bond between the glue and your lashes.

  • If you do have any allergic reactions to synthetic material or more sensitive with the eyes, please let the technician be aware prior to your service so we can accommodate you accordingly.

After Care

  • For the first 24-48 hours, do not let your lashes come into contact with water, especially hot water so prevent steaming your face, swimming, jacuzzi or steam bath/sauna as this will break the chemical bond of the glue.

  • After the first 24-48 hours, do not cover your lashes as this may cause eyelashes to curl or break. Do not get your lashes tinted or permed (can be done before lash extension). Use only water soluble mascara (NO WATERPROOF!!). Do not apply mascara on adhesive sea (root area) as mascara remover will weaken the bonding on your lashes.

  • Use only oil free eye make-up remover. Use in downward motion, do not rub side to side as this can loosen the bond on the lashes.

  • Use lash shampoo to clean your lashes each day. Mix 1 baby shampoo, 1 baking soda, and 3 water into a bottle. Mix all the ingredients in a foam bottle (can buy from our online shop) and gently clean your lashes.

  • Brush your lashes at least once a day with the lash brush (online store) to prevent them from being tangled.

  • Maintenance: 2-3 weeks refill is recommended since your natural pre-mature lashes are growing out at a healthy length to attach the false lashes on and to remove the ones that are growing out too long.



If you are having Eylash Extensions, please Click here to Download the BEFORE & AFTER CARE instructions on this page.